Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has moved into a more prominent position in the public’s perception, due to increasing concerns about drug-related therapies and a stronger need for clients to take control of their own healthcare.


Find the answers to the questions you’re looking for like: Why should I use massage therapy? and Is massage therapy safe?


The Journey begins!

We are proud to announce that in June 2016, REHAB ONE PERFORMANCE CENTER will open its doors in Moncton’s West End!

We have assembled our core team of experienced Health Professionals to offer those in the Moncton Area, who have suffered an injury, a place to receive exceptional service and treatment. Physiotherapy Services will be offered by John Gonzales, Chiropractic Services will be offered by Dr. Mathieu Hebert and Dr. Frances Leblanc, and Massage Therapy will be offered by Robert Langis and his team from Atlantic Sports Massage. We are very excited at the awesome team we have assembled and look forward to the helping Monctonians getting back on track after their injuries.

We are due to open our doors in Early June 2016, and if you have any questions please contact us, or call 506-227-5646.

Thank you again for liking our page and we really appreciate your support and trust in our new venture. Please check back here from time to time as we unveil more and more exciting news leading up to our official opening!

Good things happen when good people come together!

Welcome to Atlantic Sport Massage!

Since 2006, Atlantic Sport Massage has been serving Greater Moncton for their sports massage and therapeutic massage needs. We treat all types of injuries, not just sports injuries. We’re in the sport of healing. Come and enjoy our cozy and relaxing atmosphere and leave stress free! What do we do differently? We are determined to get results that make you feel better!