Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use massage therapy?

There are many reasons why people receive massage. Some of the most common reasons are:

general relaxation,
  pain relief of sore or tight muscles,
  tension headaches,
  stress relief,
  to improve circulation,
  or as a complement to other forms of healthcare.

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2. Is massage safe?

There are certain precautions that should be taken before you receive a therapeutic massage. A person with uncontrolled (non-medicated) high blood pressure, heart disease, bone fractures, recent surgery, phlebitis, fever, or other health problems should consult their physician before receiving a massage. When in doubt, consult your doctor and ask if they are familiar with the benefits of masage therapy. A second opinion from another doctor such as a chiropractor may also be wise.

Provide your massage therapist with as much information about your past and present health state as possible. This information will be kept strictly confidential and allows the therapist to form a plan for massage to best suit your needs. Important information includes current medications, pregnancy, allergies, and injuries and accidents (even old ones). Your therapist may ask for clarification to ensure they have all the correct and complete information.

Other Tidbits You May Want to Know

  Discomfort during a massage is always to be addressed. Feel free to communicate with your therapist on any matter. Talking during a massage is acceptable and some find it’s a way of relaxing and dealing with the situation. Your therapist may even request some feedback when addressing certain problems.

  The oils that are used during massage can aggravate allergies so it is important to let your therapist know of any allergies that you may have. If you’re concerned about the oils staining your clothes, simply ask your therapist to wipe off the oils after the session.

–  Make-up and hairstyles may be disrupted during massage of the neck, face and head. Let your therapist know if this is a concern to you and modifications to your treatment can be made.

  Massage sessions range in different lengths of times. They generally last between ½ hour to 1 ½ hour treatments (1 hour being most common).

–  Many new clients of massage are unsure of what to expect from their treatments. You and your therapist will feel more at ease if you express any questions or concerns you may have – just ask!